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Ravishing Russian beauty Melena A's (AKA Maria) got milk and she enjoys it best outdoors, wearing nothing but fishnet pantyhose. Whether the brunette sex kitten sucks it up through a straw, laps at it from a metal ladle, or from the palm of her hand, her expression is always one of utter, sensual pleasure. She dribbles it from her mouth so that it runs in rivulets over her perky breasts, before parting her legs to reveal that some of the white stuff has dripped onto the plump lips of her shaved pussy and down her inner thighs. Melena tears a hole in the pantyhose so that she has full access to finger her milk splattered honeypot, and as she speeds up the finger action so that her sex juices mingle with the milk, she sighs with pleasure. Her perfect body starts to undulate in time with her thrusting digits, her legs thrash about uncontrollably, and her orgasm sweeps though her.
Girlz Solo Girls Posted 10 days ago