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Like pieces on a chess board, Nancy A & Sybil A come together dressed in black underwear and white towel. It is check mate from the first move, as Nancy pulls Sybil's towel from her slim body, running her hands through her lover's hair, kissing her passionately on the lips. Sybil pulls the blonde bombshell close to her, clasping her ass cheeks and grinding herself up against her thigh. Their breasts touch, the rough material of Nancy's bra teasing Sybil's nipples out from her sweet titties. Nancy pushes her tongue deep inside Sybil's welcoming mouth.Nancy lies back while Sybil's hands run down her body, squeezing her breasts, pulling her panties off, parting her thighs as she kneels between them. They kiss and feel each others breasts, teasing each others nipples.Sybil sits on her Nancy's lap and together they open their legs, their pussies so alike and wet. Sybil falls onto her hands and knees as Nancy thrusts her quim up against the brunette's ass, as she climaxes.

Download the full nude gallery!
Download the full nude gallery!
Girlz Lesbian Affairs Posted 5 years ago
Models in this gallery: Nancy A
Sybil A
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